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Best SUV 2014: Which Sport Utility Vehicles Runs For Title To Be The Top SUV For 2014? Read All About The Best SUVs List Here!
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Top Ranked SUVs of 2014

There are many different makes and styles of SUVs. From Luxury SUVs
to Compact SUVs there are different sport utility vehicles for different
consumer needs. The top ranked SUVs in each category are determined by
automotive and consumer review magazines. Large SUVs are not necessarily
good SUVs these days and many compact SUVs are surging in popularity.
The following article is a list of the best SUVs 2014.

Luxury SUVs- Range Rover Defender

Many of the top ranked SUVs are luxury models. This makes sense since
they are also the most expensive category of sport utility vehicle. One
particularly spectacular Luxury SUV coming out this year is the Range
Rover Defender. This model which is offered by British automaker Range
Rover is an attainable example of Luxury SUVs. With a fully loaded Range
Rover Defender coming in around 55 thousand US dollars this SUV is
luxury at a very reasonable price point. While the pricetag of this SUV
is very fair it does not mean Range Rover has skimped on any facet of
the Defender. The advanced cabin and built in safety cage make this a
great choice for those looking for a safe, comfortable ride that still
has style. As far as Luxury SUVs in 2014 this is one of the best.

Compact SUVs- 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

A great deal of SUV sales in 2014 will be for compact SUVs. These models
are smaller and tend to burn less fuel when compared to their larger
cousins. Compact SUVs are also very maneuverable and great for towing or
camping. One great compact SUV coming out in 2014 is the latest Jeep
Grand Cherokee. This V6, 3.0 Liter engine Grand Cherokee gets up to 28
miles per gallon on the freeway making it the most efficient non hybrid
SUV being released this year.

Large SUVs- 2014 Cadillac Escalade

The star pupil of the large SUVs is the 2014 Cadillac Escalade. This
monument to American style large SUVs is among the flashiest and most
desirable SUVs on the market. With chrome all around and some of the
most detailed and stylish features both inside and outside the 2014
Cadillac Escalade easily wins the best SUVs 2014 prize. This model is
usually on lists of top ranked SUVs and 2014 is no exception. Consumers
also rate the Cadillac Escalade as one of the Good SUVs for safety
features as well as entertainment.

These are some of the best SUVs 2014. Most good SUVs tend to be rated
highly by both consumer and industry groups. Each of these vehicles have
a number of auto industry and consumer report awards. They are also
manufactured by some of the most trusted names in automobiles and SUVs.
If you are in the market to pick up one of the top SUVs in 2014 you
could not go wrong with any of the sport utility vehicles on this list.
Just make sure that you choose the SUV that is right for your particular
situation and you will be satisfied with your purchase of a new SUV in

Best SUV 2014 |** List Of Top SUVs ** (3)
Creative Commons License credit: jmrosenfeld

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